Welcome To Nymph's Dolls
Name: Heather
Age: 21
Location: Illinois
Fav Color: Blues and Greens, but I'm starting to like red.
Music: Anything but rap.
Movies: comedys and romance.

"Don't let anyone tell you who you can love, only your heart can be that judge."

January 3rd, 2008-Bunch of new dolls-- Jo and Vin


Just Vin


Contest Entry-NOT ADOPTABLE!
For Sabraelle's Contest, and her base. December 22nd, 2007-Only 2 weeks people! New dolls:--Moved to doll section-- December 12th, 2007-3 new dolls posted. Still need entries for my contest! December 7th, 2007-2 new dolls and a new outline.

Decemeber 2nd, 2007-Site opened and redone. Tag board added and contest started!

Tag me!
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